Family Contract for Smartphone Use

Man Signing Contract

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Pledge for kids and teens

  1. I will not touch or look at my phone when it’s dangerous to do so, such as while driving, biking or walking.
  2. I will be considerate of others and not use my phone to text or talk when it may disturb others or at inappropriate times or places, such as in class or theaters.
  3. I will take care not to damage or lose my phone and will let my parents know right away if it is damaged, lost or stolen.
  4. I will only use apps from legitimate app stores (like the Apple App Store or Google Play) and do a little research to make sure they’re appropriate and safe to use.
  5. I will carefully review the privacy policies of any apps I use including what information the app collects or shares.
  6. I will only use apps that share my location with family or personal friends I know from the real world.
  7. I will not let my phone interfere with sleep, schoolwork or other important activities.
  8. I will respect my own and other people’s privacy in pictures and posts that I share.
  9. I will only share pictures and videos where everyone is appropriately dressed and will avoid sharing any images that could embarrass me or others or get anyone in trouble.
  10. I will treat others respectfully and with kindness in what I post, what I text and how I interact socially.

Parents’ pledge

  1. I will be a good role model and never text or use apps while driving or during other activities where phone use might be dangerous.
  2. I will be considerate of others, including my family members, by refraining from using the phone when it might disturb people around me.
  3. I will talk with my kids and set reasonable expectations about their smartphone use.
  4. I will be considerate of my child and not text him or her at inappropriate times, such as while he or she is in class.
  5. I will take whatever action is appropriate if I feel my child has misused his or her phone or broken a family rule, but I will be thoughtful about such actions and not overreact.

For more, see A Parents’ Guide to Mobile Phones from ConnectSafely and CTIA.