Maureen Kochan

Maureen Kochan is a mom and journalist responsible for running the day-to-day operations of ConnectSafely. 

“This is a critical time in the struggle between fear- and fact-based internet safety education,” Maureen says. “The ConnectSafely mission to encourage rational, balanced discussion – and provide a forum for it – resonated with me as a citizen and parent. My son is still younger, but I’m aware that he’ll inherit a world shaped by many of the attitudes and policies being formed right now.”

In her role at ConnectSafely, Maureen helps write and produce guides, posts, videos, podcasts, webcasts and other resources. She also helps develop and manage strategic partnerships and plans virtual and in-person events, including Safer Internet Day, an annual event celebrated every February in more than 100 countries.

Prior to joining ConnectSafely, Maureen wrote extensively for popular websites and magazines on the subjects of relationships, teens, animal welfare and youth culture.