Ask Trish Project

Let’s be real: the internet isn’t perfect.

From harassing DMs, to the ever-constant pressure to be “perfect,” to passive-aggressive behavior, like when your friends post the one pic that you don’t like on Insta, the digital world can be a lot to face. And too often, it can feel like…well, there’s no one to turn to, no one to help you work through those challenges. You’re just supposed to take the good with the bad, both the hilarious Michael Jordan memes…and language that is often discriminatory, sexualized, and/or threatening.

If you run into a tricky situation online and want some advice, you can fill out this form or email trish(at) Every week, I’ll look through the notes, and create TikTok videos at @AskTrish and blog posts here to respond to your questions. You’ll get practical advice, and together, we’ll get to spread some #InternetPositivity.

The Ask Trish project is an initiative of ConnectSafely and ReThink. To learn more about ReThink, visit

-Trisha Prabhu
Founder, ReThink