ConnectSafely blogging guidelines

ConnectSafely’s goal is for blog posts to be lively and informative. They can also be opinionated if the author has strong feelings to express. We’re happy for you to express your point of view.

Our style is journalistic like what you see on news sites, newspapers and magazines, whether it be a news story or an opinion piece.

  • We try to avoid terms that are not commonly used and understood by people without a professional background. If we do use such terms, we generally define them.
  • Avoid initials on first reference with the exception of ones that are very well known like “FBI.” Use the full term at first reference with the initials in parenthesis like Internet of Things (IoT).
  • We love data whether from surveys, reports or any other legitimate source but we don’t want our blogs to read like academic papers. Feel free to cite data but try not to bog down the post with it.
  • If you make a statement of fact it should either come from your own authority (i.e. you observed it yourself) or a cited source. For example, any statistics you use should be cited. If you say “24% of blue-eyed kids are right-handed,” say where you got that from and, if possible, link to the source. But please avoid footnotes if at all possible.
  • There is no set length but most of our posts are between 400 and 800 words. Longer posts are OK but only if you really have a lot to say.
  • You can mention where you work or any projects you’re engaged in but please refrain from being promotional. There are some exceptions (such as promoting an upcoming event) but these need to be approved by ConnectSafely staff.
  • Conflicts of interest are sometimes unavoidable but should always be disclosed. Let the reader know if you have any interest, financial or otherwise, in any subject, company or organization you mention, including if they contribute financially to an organization you are involved with. When in doubt, consult a ConnectSafely staffer for advice.

Images and video

It’s great to include images but make sure you have permission to use them. If you don’t supply an image, we probably will from our licensed library or an image with an appropriate Creative Commons license. We will also associate an image with your post for our front page.

You can find Creative Commons images here but do make sure you follow the licensing terms spelled out by the image owner. You can also embed videos from YouTube or other sources.

Other stuff

Although we prefer original content, it’s OK for you to submit something you’ve published elsewhere (please let us know) but it has to be original to you – we can’t violate anyone else’s copyright. Once it is published, we appreciate your spreading the word via social media (we’re @ConnectSafely) and we will too.

Thanks again for being part of the ConnectSafely Bloggers Network. As you can see from this page, you’re in good company.