Join the ConnectSafely Blogging Network

For nearly a decade has been a leading advocate for a rationale approach to Internet safety, privacy and security along with digital literacy and youth empowerment. That’s a big agenda, but we believe that you can’t really have safety and security without an informed and empowered user-base.

One of our strategies is to blog about our ideas and — over the years — the staff has written hundreds of articles advocating a tech-friendly and user empowering approach which defines safety not just in terms of risk management but also in terms of engaging users in productive user of technologies.

Adding voices

But we’re expanding with more voices — perhaps yours — to create a vibrant marketplace of ideas. Our new blogging network consists of some of the leading voices in safety, privacy, security, literacy and empowerment.

If you’re interested in joining our blogging network, please send us an email with links to some of your work. We’d love to hear from you.