Erica Pelavin – Director of Community Outreach

Erica Pelavin, CSW, Ph.D., serves as the Director of Community Outreach at ConnectSafely, where she passionately advocates for digital literacy, online safety, and community partnerships. With a background in psychology, Dr. Pelavin is a dedicated public speaker and advocate, focusing on the psychology of technology and the impact of social media on well-being.

Before joining ConnectSafely, she co-founded  My  Digital TAT2, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping schools and families navigate digital dependency, inappropriate content, and the effects of online hate. Driven by a commitment to youth well-being, Erica has played pivotal roles in various organizations supporting the welfare of young people. Her work with teens extends to sharing her learnings with corporate and higher education settings such as Google, Facebook, Kaiser, Stanford, and the Wharton School of Business. 

As the Director of Community Outreach, Erica leads initiatives to create a safer and more inclusive online environment. She actively collaborates with communities, educators, and industry stakeholders to address challenges and opportunities presented by technology.

At ConnectSafely, Erica spearheads the ConnectSafely Youth Advisory Council, facilitating discussions on various digital topics, from well-being to new releases and diving deep into popular platforms/apps. Through her work, Dr. Pelavin strives to foster a positive and informed digital experience for all.

She is the mother of two adult gamers and has a techie husband.