Your child’s first device

Take it slow

Children are healthier and happier when parents and caregivers are SLOW to introduce them to screens and to give them their first device.

The First Device campaign is a project of Power of Zero in partnership with ConnectSafely.

Young cartoon children looking at a cracked iPad
Rules of thumb for introducing children to devices
Co-watch Heroes of Zero with your child

Episode 1

New Neighbors

Nena meets her new neighbor Ciro and Totes the goat! She discovers the superpower of friendship.

Episode 2

First Device

Nena and Ciro encounter the neighborhood bully and his broken tablet.

Episode 3

The Defender Stone

Ciro learns how to stand up to cyberbullying.

Episode 4

Soothing Stone

Nena discovers the effects of spending too much time online.

Episode 5

The Thinking Stone

Lola and Lolo are the target of a scam. Ciro and Nena use the power of critical thinking to help them solve it.

Episode 6

The Resilience Stone

A tornado comes through the house and Ciro learns the superpower of never giving up.

First Device Family Toolkit

The toolkit gives you guidance on when your child is ready for
their first device, steps you can take to protect your child online and how
to teach them the life skills they will need to navigate the online world.

First Device Children’s Pledge

Help your child complete the First Device Pledge and set them up to
be safe and successful as they begin their online journey.