Hemanshu Nigam

hemubioHemanshu (Hemu) Nigam is the founder of SSP Blue, the leading advisory firm for online safety, security, and privacy challenges facing corporations and governments. A veteran of online security, he brings over 20 years of experience in private industry, government, and law enforcement. He has been asked by the White House and the United Nations to provide guidance and counsel on navigating the world’s most critical online protection challenges and has been a featured expert on BBC, BusinessWeek, CNN,Financial Times, Fox News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,Good Morning America, and the CBS Early Show.

From 2006 to 2010, Hemu was Chief Security Officer for News Corporation’s numerous online properties, responsible for protecting the personal information of over 200 million users around the world. He has been credited with making MySpace safe and secure after launching initiatives like Sentinel SAFE, technology to identify and remove criminals from the social networking site. He also drove the launch of over 150 other safety, security, and privacy protection features for MySpace and played a key role in an accord between MySpace and 49 State Attorneys General to develop key principles of social networking safety.