Nathan Davies, Research Associate

Nathan Davies is currently a student in the combined Masters and Doctoral programme at the Oxford Internet Institute, where he is a Grand Doctoral Union Scholar. He completed his undergraduate studies in history at the University of Cambridge, where he developed an interest in the history of technology. His current research primarily explores digital governance and artificial intelligence. Previously, Nathan worked as a research assistant at the Harvard Kennedy School, examining the impact of COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a particular emphasis on youth and digital technology.

In addition to his academic work, Nathan has experience in the tech sector, having worked with start-ups in Paris, London, and San Francisco. In his role at a public sector consultancy firm in London, he helped deliver challenge programmes and showcases for the European Union Commission and Amazon Web Services.

He passionately believes that insights from both history and the social sciences can inform how we build safer, fairer, and more inclusive technology.