Ask Trish: All About Vlogging

Tips for successful vlogging. Rule #1: Be authentic and honest.

Feb 27, 2023

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By Trisha Prabhu

“Do u have any vlogging tips?”

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another week of Ask Trish. I hope you’re well and having a great last day of February.

Thank you to the person who submitted this week’s question, which is actually on a topic we haven’t yet discussed in-depth on Ask Trish – vlogging! What with vlogging being as popular as it is, first and foremost, I want to thank you for raising this question – this is a great topic to explore, and that’s exactly what we’ll do (albeit briefly!) in this week’s post. In this post, I’ll briefly explain what vlogging is, then describe how it compares to other ways of sharing about yourself on social media/online platforms. And to answer the question, I’ll end with my vlogging tips, geared towards ensuring your vlogging experience (should you choose to film and share a vlog!) is positive and safe. (#GoodVibesOnly, am I right?) With that, let’s get into it:

Vlogging, a word that intends to combine the words “video” and “blog,” is, in many ways, just that: it’s a video, filmed by a creator, that, like a blog post, takes viewers into the life and perspective of the creator. That usually means the creator takes the viewer along as they live their lives, whether they’re cooking a meal, getting ready for the day, doing a workout, heading to a party, or anything else. Some categories of vlogs have become especially popular, like “GRWM vlogs,” or get-ready-with-me vlogs, where creators walk viewers through their hair, make-up, and styling for an event or even just a day at school! To that point, vlogs can be as casual or professional as creators want them to be; many feature creators in their “natural habit,” just doing their thing. From a viewer-perspective, vlogs are interesting and entertaining for a number of reasons; some viewers love certain vloggers’ perspectives, while others find the lives certain vloggers live (e.g., the life of a supermodel!) fascinating. In any case, vlogging has gained a ton of traction and become incredibly popular on social media platforms like YouTube (where long-form, or longer content is more popular) and TikTok (where short-form, or shorter content, is more popular).

Now that we’ve established what vlogging is, it’s worth considering: how does it compare to other ways to share about your life on social media? What are its pros and cons, both for creators and viewers? Well, from a creator perspective, one key pro is that vlogging can feel more “authentic” or “real” than other types of content creation (e.g., posting a curated pic on Instagram), and indeed, a way for creators to share their personality/exactly who they are. Another related pro is that vlogging is “easier” than other types of content creation; while vlogs are often still edited by their creators, there may be less “prep” to get the content, as it’s (as stated) often just filming your everyday life. (Compare that to the hours of rehearsal to get a TikTok dance exactly right, and suddenly, vlogging feels like a breeze!) On the other hand, a key con of vlogging is that it can mean sharing a lot of personal information with the world – because you’re “taking viewers along,” they’ll get to know your morning routine, your favorite foods, and what your bedroom looks like. In other words, it can be hard to establish boundaries, especially as viewers request more and more content.

From a viewer perspective, the big pro and con of vlogging content is interrelated: on the one hand, vlogging content is theoretically, as stated, a bit more “real,” which can be a nice break from other, highly curated types of content; on the other hand, however, much vlogging content is still edited, but because viewers often believe it’s not, if creators misportray something, viewers are especially unlikely to realize it. Depending on the situation, that can be seriously problematic. For instance, many vlogs describe what creators “eat in a day” or “eat in a week”; because it’s a vlog, many viewers will assume that that is actually what creators eat…but in fact, creators may edit out that extra snack or dessert they had – leaving viewers with an imperfect picture of what real eating looks like.

Okay – we’ve taken a good, hard look at vlogging. Now that we’ve done that, for all you future vloggers out there, here are my brief tips on how to safely vlog. Let me know if you find these tips helpful – share your thoughts in the comments section of this week’s TikTok video!

  1. Be authentic and honest. As we’ve discussed in other Ask Trish posts, it’s no secret that creators that perform well are those that are authentic, honest, and true to themselves. Many creators vlog niche interests or bring their hilarious, unique commentary to their vlogs. Don’t hesitate to be who you are. Not only will you find success, you’ll also do right by the many viewers watching, hoping to get a glimpse of your real, honest life.
  2. At the same time, think proactively and intentionally about setting boundaries. Being authentic or open with your audience does not mean you have to share everything about your life. Avoid oversharing or sharing sensitive information by thinking ahead – make a list of the topics, spaces, experiences, and information you don’t want to share with your viewers. Always be conscious of what’s in your background. And if you do edit your vlogs, consider editing out/blurring personal information. Your safety should always come first!
  3. Don’t vlog every day. Or, at the very least, build some breaks into your vlogging schedule. Like any activity, too much of it can be unhealthy. And when you are vlogging, whether it’s at a concert or while you’re making dinner, don’t just focus on trying to get the perfect shot – enjoy the moment and the experience for yourself, too.

I hope you found this week’s post a helpful intro to vlogging! Before I sign off, I want to (as always!) encourage you all to share any Internet-related questions, thoughts, or perspectives with me here. Your topic just might be featured in an upcoming TikTok/blog post! Remember, anything you’re wondering about is totally valid (I promise, it’s very likely that other folks out there have the same questions – and will really appreciate you asking!). Finally, last (but not least!), if you see an Ask Trish video on TikTok or Instagram, please give it a like and share it with all of your friends! Together, we can keep growing this incredible community. Thank you a ton in advance!

Have a great week, everyone,



This week, Trish talks #vlogging 🎥 Learn all about vlogging, how it compares to other ways to share about yourself on social media, and how to do it safely. Check out the post now!

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