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I sometimes feel like the pressure to be perfect on social media can be so overwhelming. Do you have tips for managing social media anxiety and being authentic online?”

First and foremost, let me start by saying: I get it and trust me, you’re not alone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a text from one of my friends asking me for the “sign-off” to post a selfie on Instagram…or asking me to go like and comment on that selfie ASAP, or their “life will be over ahhhhh!” (At least they’re a step ahead of me: as this week’s TikTok depicts, I can’t even take an Insta-worthy selfie.) Humor aside, though, “the pressure to be perfect” on social media is real. But it shouldn’t consume your digital experience.

If and when you’re feeling anxious, take a deep breath. Remember: the people you see on social media are not perfect. Instead, they’ve curated their lives to make it seem like they are. Not only is this perfection not real, thinking about it can be unhealthy. 

Okay, you might be thinking, fair enough. But if they’re faking it, I want to too! It’s worth taking a second to reflect: why? Is it possible that you’re attributing your self-worth to the number of likes on a photo, or the number of followers on an account? As cheesy as this may sound, you are invaluable. I know it’s easy to fall into thinking cute pics = lots of likes = happier me, but the real reality is cute pics = lots of likes. And that’s pretty much it. 

Perhaps the biggest argument against falling into the “pressure trap” online is just how much people appreciate authenticity. Think about it: it’s not perfectly curated videos that go viral, it’s accidental TikToks and hilarious Finstas that we appreciate. In that spirit, be authentic. Don’t just use social media to celebrate the wins; share those tough days too (we all have them!). Go filterless with #nofilter. Feeling nervous about that? Have a friend join in if it makes you more comfortable. And if you’re looking for a little inspiration, ask yourself: what are you currently doing on social media that makes you happy, and what are you doing to make other people happy? Embrace the former, and ditch the latter.

Before I sign off, one last thing: don’t forget that you can submit a note and be featured in an upcoming TikTok/blog post right here! As always, no topic is off-limits; whatever’s on your mind, I’m here for it! Together, we can continue to spread some #InternetPositivity and build this incredible “Ask Trish” community. ❤️

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Me trying to get the perfect Insta selfie…and failing ???? The #pressuretobeperfect is real…learn more about tackling it at the link in the bio ⬆️

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