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The Educator’s Guide to Social Media by Larry Magid and Kerry Gallagher

Palo Alto, CA, (August 18, 2015) –, a leading non-profit Internet safety organization, today released  The Educator’s Guide to Social Media to help K-12 educators better understand how to use social media in the classroom and for professional development while making smart decisions that protect and enhance their professional reputation. There is also an accompanying web-page with links to help pages, privacy and security settings, support organizations, articles and other social media resources for educators.
The guide answers the following and more:

  • How should educators protect their privacy on social media?
  • When and how should educators interact with students, parents and colleagues via social media?
  • How can educators use social media in the classroom?
  • How educators can use social media to enhance — not risk — their reputation

“Social media can be a great tool for education,” said ConnectSafely CEO Larry Magid. “This guide helps educators navigate and take advantage of social media in class and for professional development while helping them protect and enhance their reputation as well as the privacy, safety and security of students and staff.”
“Educators should feel empowered by social media,” said co-author and educator Kerry Gallagher. “The connections that teachers can make with passionate colleagues around the world can help them create more innovative lessons, access better resources, and find opportunities for their students to learn directly from experts.”
About ConnectSafely is a Silicon Valley, Calif.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to educating users of connected technology about safety, privacy and security with research-based safety tips, parents’ guidebooks, advice, news and commentary on all aspects of tech use and policy.
The guide joins ConnectSafely’s parents’ guides series, which includes guides to student data privacy, mobile phones, cyberbullying, cybersecurity, Instagram and Snapchat as well as safety tips on a variety of tech-related issues.
About the authors
Kerry Gallagher is a Technology Integration Specialist at St. John’s Prep in Danvers, Massachusetts, a 1:1 iPad school serving grades 6-12. For 13 years she taught middle school and high-school history where her classes collaborated, created and published their ideas in a paperless environment. Kerry has a Juris Doctor from Massachusetts School of Law.
Larry Magid is CEO and co-founder of and a technology journalist with CBS News, San Jose Mercury News and other outlets and for 19 years a syndicated columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Larry has a Doctorate of Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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