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You can call 911 and various hotlines and other services directly from the app

by Larry Magid
There are lots of great Internet safety websites including, which I help run, but now there’s a Tech Safety app that you can access on your phone. It’s from the National Network to End Domestic Violence and – though it has advice that could apply to any adult or child – it’s especially useful for people who may be victims of domestic violence. Having it on your phone means you can access it quickly in an emergency or just refer to it when you have some time to educate yourself — such as when you’re waiting for a plane or someone to meet you at a restaurant.
The app, which is available for both iOS and Android is mostly educational, but it does have  a telephone icon that brings up to a place where you can find and directly call Help hotlines, victim service providers and attorneys.
Information is broken down by categories: Cell phone safety, device safety, harassment, impersonalization, locational safety and online safety. Of course, there is some overlap with those categories but it’s a pretty good way to help users navigate the information they need.
One of the things I like about the app is the simple way things are broken down and explained. In the harassment section, for example, there is advice the various ways that people can be harassed such as via text messaging, email, phone or online and, in each case, there is a clear explanation of the problem and the solutions.  For example, under text messaging there is a general discussion along with links for what can I do, safety tips and resources.”
For example, under Online Harassment, there are tips such as  “Create a Google alert for your name so that you can see if anything has been posted about you” and how “you can block, unfriend, or unfollow the other person.”
Sound” advice
In additional reading the tips, you can listen to them read by a real human. Click below for an example.

For those who are concerned, this app has some essential information. I highly recommend it.
The app's Find My Way section provides even more resources for people who might be concerned for their safety and privacy.

The app’s Find My Way section provides even more resources for people who might be concerned for their safety and privacy.


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