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Safety advice for major social networking services:

ConnectSafely ‘Parents’ guides to Instagram, Snapchat,, mobile phones, cybersecurity and cyberbullying
Childnet International safety resources for Instagram,, Snapchat, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr & Twitter, YouTube & more

Help and advice when issues arise:
Resources for Youth in Crisis (compiled by ConnectSafely)
ICanHelpLine  (right now just for schools in California)
Cyberbullying Research Center

Abuse report pages:
Facebook     Twitter    LinkedIn    YouTube    Google+

Privacy setting pages:
Facebook    Google+    LinkedIn    Twitter    YouTube

Useful sites and apps for educators:
Twitter teacher chats
Facebook for educators
Voxer groups for educators
PowToon: Create web-based presentations that include animated videos and amazing content.
VideoNotes: Lets students take notes as they watch streaming educational content from YouTube, Khan Academy and other sources.
Versal: helps teachers create online courses.

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Teachers: Create your own online courses with Versal

By Kerry Gallagher, co-author of An Educators’ Guide to Social Media
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