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Parents’ Guides
A Parents’ Guide to Facebook
A Parents’ Guide to Google+

Safety Tips
FAQ on Sexting and Sextortion
Tips to Prevent Teen Sexting
Tips for Smart Videogaming
Safety Tips for GPS Location-Sharing
Cellphone Safety Tips
Safety tips en Español

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Other Select Articles & Commentary by Larry Magid and Anne Collier
ConnectSafely’s comment on FTC’s proposed COPPA revisions
The good side of anonymous apps
Online risk in kids’ own words: A research milestone
Time to redefine and de-silo online safety efforts
Online harassment is a problem we must all confront
The trust factor in parenting online kids
‘Juvenoia,’ Part 1: Why Internet fear is overrated
Net-related ‘juvenoia,’ Part 2: So why are we afraid?
Important granularity on Net risk for teens: Study
Survey: Parents mostly savvy on kids’ Internet use
Are schools turning alleged bullies into criminals?
ConnectSafely’s statement on youth and social media
Online privacy and security is a shared responsibility: Government, industry and you
Consumer Reports finds very small percentage of Facebook users are sharing too much

Select Presentations by Larry Magid & Anne Collier
Online Safety 3.0: From Fear to Empowerment
”Online safety 3.0: Empowering & protecting youth,” presented at the 2010 National School Board Association annual conference
”From child exploitation to bubble wrapped kids,” presented at the 2012 Safer Internet Day conference in Moscow
”Digital reputations”, presented at the 2011 Safer Internet Forum in Luxembourg
”Norms approach beats fear & exaggeration for motivating behavior”

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