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Generative AI is set to transform many aspects of American life, especially education.

In this week’s podcast, Larry talks to ConnectSafely’s education director Kerry Gallagher, who’s also a full-time educator and administrator at St. John’s Prep in Danvers, Mass., about how generative AI will impact teaching and learning.

Kerry encourages teachers to use generative AI to start discussions with students about their work. And if a student uses generative AI to complete assignments even though they weren’t supposed to, she looks for the “why.”

“I like to assume they do it because they’re overwhelmed and stressed and not because they’re lazy,” Kerry said. “They’re doing it to try to get one of their many tasks that are their responsibility done so that they can move on to the other thing. Maybe the other thing is literally sleep because they’re exhausted…And so I think there’s an opportunity there for another conversation about the child’s wellness and whether there are other supports that they need in addition to being held accountable for academic integrity.”

Listen to the conversation below.

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