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Almost all good things have some risks Using any device that’s connected to the internet comes with some risk. But that’s true with just about everything that’s useful or fun, including bicycles, kitchen knives, cars or just walking down the street. We will never be able to eliminate all risks, but we can manage risk to greatly reduce the possibility of harm and find ways to recover if something bad happens. This page includes a list of ConnectSafely resources organized by risk category. Though thorough, it’s not exhaustive. There may be other risks that emerge, especially as new devices and apps come to market. But, as you read through our guides and quick guides, two things are common to all risk management: critical thinking and parental involvement. Critical thinking skills can help teens better understand and manage all risks — including risks that may emerge in the future — and parental involvement provides young people with the advice, support and — in some cases — supervision that can help them stay safe, thrive and learn to protect themselves for their entire lives.

Risk categories and resources




Inappropriate content

Reputation management 

Misinformation and media literacy

Hate speech




Self-harm and suicide

Personal privacy

Data privacy




Grooming and predation

Online extremism

Parental management tools

There are tools that can help parents monitor and, in some cases, control the technology their kids are using. These include tools built into devices or apps as well as third-party parental control tools.


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