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By Kerry Gallagher

Tempting as it might be to use a tablet or phone before bed, studies have shown these devices can interfere with sleep by suppressing the production of melatonin, a natural hormone released in the evening to help us feel tired and ready for sleep. This leads to neurophysiologic arousals that increase feelings of alertness when we should be winding down instead.

Tips for Better Sleep:

  1. Use Nighttime Mode: Many cell phones, tablets, and other portable electronic devices are equipped with a “nighttime mode” that is easier on the eyes before bed. As one study noted, the most effective nighttime modes reduce blue light emissions and decrease the display’s brightness setting.
  2. Make the Bedroom a Screen-Free Zone: While a lot of people prefer to keep a television in their bedroom, watching TV before bed is generally discouraged due to the negative effect it can have on your sleep. In fact, we recommend removing all electronic devices from the bedroom – and encourage our children and adolescents to do the same.

Find more information and tips from The Sleep Foundation.

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