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ConnectSafely CEO Larry Magid on Safer Internet day 2023

Everyone has a vested interest in keeping the internet as safe as possible, which is why more than 100 countries recognize Safer Internet Day — an annual celebration that takes place on February 7th.

ConnectSafely coordinates Safer Internet Day in the U.S. and, this year, will host a live virtual event for families and is helping to coordinate local events in schools and communities across the United States. We’re also providing resources for families to have their own Safer Internet Day conversations, perhaps over dinner that night or any time that week.

This year’s international theme is “Together for a Better Internet.” Here in the U.S., we’re focusing on five major topic areas for both the student and family programs, each with its own resource page: Media Literacy, Civility, Picking on Peers, Wellness, Identity & Self Respect and Scams, Predator and Creeps.

Parents and families

Free virtual parent event on Safer Internet Day

Parents looking for ways to help their family succeed in the digital age are invited to register for this free virtual event, No Room for Doom: Helping Your Family Thrive in Our Digital Age, hosted by ConnectSafely in partnership with National PTA on Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 7:30 PM ET. 

This event will provide parents and caregivers with the support and information they need to help their families deal with a range of issues related to digital life, including screen time, the impact of influencers and celebrities, when kids feel left out, the pressure to be perfect, and online bullying and harassment.

You’ll also get tips on how to proactively set boundaries and expectations for healthy online behaviors within your kids while still allowing them to navigate the world independently.

The event is hosted by ConnectSafely education director Kerry Gallagher and PTA Connected Ambassador Carrie Neill.

Resources for your own at-home family event

Families can conduct their own Safer Internet Day discussion using resources from ConnectSafely, including videos, tips, discussion points, guides and easy-to-digest quick-guides.

School program

Any school in the United States is welcome to use free resources from ConnectSafely, including lesson plans, videos, quick-guides and in-depths guides on all aspects of online safety. Based on preliminary sign-ups, we expect to serve more than 20,000 students this year, but we’d love that number to be even larger, so if you or your children are affiliated with a public or private school, please encourage educators to visit our student program for all the resources they’ll need.

Business events

Businesses of any size can also conduct events for their employees, customers or communities. If you let us know your plans and send us your logo by noon ET on February 6th, we’ll add you to our partner’s page.

Everyone  — reach out via social media

Please reach out on social media to promote Safer Internet Day. Here are sample posts and graphics.

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