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By Kerry Gallagher

Want to have a healthier, more considered relationship with technology?

Keep these 3 principles in mind and apply them to your online activities.

  1. MINDFUL: Be present to your actions, have awareness of, and responsibility over your activities online. Try pausing & thinking more broadly about how what you do, say, click on & scroll through impacts your overall wellbeing
  2. MEANINGFUL: Have a sense of purpose and clarity in regard to what you’re reading, commenting on or participating in. When you’re ‘screen facing’ are you aligned to your goals and values?
  3. MODERATE: Consider both using technology in moderated amounts of time, but also your ability to moderate or temper what you say and how you react to things that show up in your digital world.

Learn more about Digital Nutrition from psychologist Dr. Jocelyn Brewer.



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