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For the past several months, young people from 35 countries around the world have been articulating and voting on their goals for a smarter internet. And, ahead of Safer Internet Day 2019, we are releasing the top 16 goals — to mark 16 years of Safer Internet Day.

These goals were selected by more than 2,000 young people from 35 countries around the world. The goals are coded: Blue relates to the environment, Red is social interaction and Green represents policy challenges.

The goals are:

  1. Privacy, Data protection
  2. Cyberbullying, Shaming
  3. Sexting, Sexual Harassment
  4. Misinformation, Fake news
  5. Social Media/Online dependency
  6. Cybersecurity/Crime
  7. Getting Help, Reporting
  8. Child pornography
  9. Inciting to Harm
  10. Scam, Unethical Marketing
  11. Hate speech, Empathy
  12. Online Wellbeing
  13. Online Safety
  14. Freedom of Expression
  15. Gaming, Gambling
  16. Catfishing, Fake Profiles, Identity Theft

The program has three stages:

  • Stage one was coming up with the goals. That’s done, but now it’s time to make them real with stages two and three.
  • Stage two is an essay contest for students to provide specific suggestions on how these goals can be accomplished personally, locally, nationally and globally. It’s a tall order, but we know that young people are up to the task.  Our hope is to bring the winners of the essay contest together at a global meeting to lay the groundwork for stage three.
  • Stage three is the most challenging, but also the most important: Making specific action plans to implement these goals, based in part on the essays students submit and our collective ability to make it

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